Happy Customer’s Detailed Review of Our Work

NEEDLESS TO SAY we thoroughly enjoyed reading this review of our work, written by our happy client, Rick, on November 14th 2018. Thank you, so much, Rick, for this beautiful and detailed Review!


Recently, we entrusted our 50 year old tile and concrete patio to Best Denver Concrete on a long overdue replacement. This was a significant and challenging project. The site had become a safety concern and aesthetically left a great deal to be desired. Aside from knowing we needed a replacement, which we knew would be a significant investment, we were unclear of much of what could be.

We engaged with Mark Fightmaster to begin our discussion on the project. His evident interest in us and our project became a significant element in our decision to work with Best Denver Concrete. He spent significant time reviewing the site and getting to know us and our hopes and wishes. With that framework in mind, he was able to begin a dialogue with us about the variety of options available. Mark’s ability to envision what could be helped us significantly in a final determination of design, color and breadth of project.

A notable part of our review involved the structural challenges that they would face, between electrical, support, plumbing and drainage concerns and how each of these would be addressed and protected.

We were impressed with the comprehensive picture they took of the project and the care they exhibited throughout.

It would be difficult to say enough about the care that the workers exhibited throughout the entirety of the project. The workers at each step impressed us with their attentiveness, vigilance and ability to engage in such heavy work as consistently and as pleasantly as they did through each stage of the project. The potential for damage in a task such as this is significant and their diligence protected us against that risk. The two workers initially assigned to the demolition stage of things completed the impossible, in my mind. Wielding the 90 lb. jackhammer and hauling out 100 lbs. hunks of concrete was astounding to me. In addition, the care they exhibited around areas of risk, for example, supports, underground wiring, fencing, etc., was impressive and a credit to the care with which they do their work.

Throughout the process, the team leads were always a step ahead of us when it came to anticipating our greatest areas of concern. That is, important infrastructure concerns of support, drainage and project longevity, along with the aesthetics we would ultimately live with. The care with which the layout was designed clearly and accurately reflected all that we had established in our meeting with Mark. It was more than clear that they knew their craft thoroughly and all that was required from start to finish to create an end product any and all would be proud of.

When the time came for the actual “pour”, it was like an expertly conducted symphony. There were at least 7 or 8 workers, on the ready, each with their own specialized array of tasks. Concrete is unforgiving if you lack an understanding of how it behaves, how quickly it cures and the limited span of time within which you must complete all tasks required for a successful outcome. Watching the finishers complete their tasks was remarkable. It seemed effortless, as if they were buttering a cake. So impressive, and in some respects, the most quickly executed aspect of the entire project.

One of the most impressive and enjoyable aspects of the job, from our point of view, was how much it appeared that all of the workers enjoyed their work and each other. There is no question about how arduous concrete work is and to engage in it as carefully and mindfully as they did, while enjoying their work as they did was inspirational. That was a blessing we did not count on. Their courteousness was without question.

And, finally, when the project was complete, you would not know that they had been there. The work site, which at times looked like a lunar landscape, was completely back to where it had been at the start, but now inhabited by a beautifully new, stamped concrete patio. We could not be more pleased.

I couldn’t recommend this team more highly than I do. We feel incredibly blessed by their work and the impressive quality of it.

A final word about our point of contact. Mark Fightmaster was on top of this project from the very start to the end, communicating frequently, actively and effectively with us and the project team. Nearly all potential problems were identified and addressed ahead of time and as challenges presented themselves they were addressed effectively and efficiently as well. Cannot imagine a better project management process than what I witnessed with Best Denver Concrete.

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