Our Mission to Give Back:

June 2019: We are pleased to send $10,000 to assist former Muslims in spreading the good news to the people in the Middle East and West Africa in order to bring salvation to those who would kill them.

We are proud are supporters of the Mission Local No 131 Joint Apprentice Fund. This is a trust agreement established for the purpose of running an apprentice program to teach young men the trade of forming and finishing concrete. This program gives young men an opportunity to learn a trade to support themselves and their families

One of our goals is to provide clean water in Africa through World Vision. Easy access to clean water will allow children to attend school. Currently, children spend large parts of their day walking great distances to fetch it. With a good education, children will have a better future. (Please read our complete mission statement at the bottom of this page.)

August 30: Praise God! We were able to donate $2500 through ADRA to relieve drought victims in Honduras after a severe drought which left the people without water, food, their crops to sell, or jobs.

August 17: To date, with the assistance of our customers, we have been able to contribute over $7,000 for clean water to World Vision. It is our hope that the clean water problem in Africa will be solved in our lifetime!

In December 2017, we were privileged to donate $10,000 to the Parker Newday Christmas Project. These funds were utilized to assist the following charities:

Best Denver Concrete strives to do excellent concrete work; however, that is not what makes us the “Best”. There are many concrete companies that do good work. What makes us the best is that since inception we have given away all of our profit to help relieve the suffering of the poor and to launch missionaries around the world to tell people about God’s love for us.

We are thrilled to donate a sizeable gift to Adventist Frontier Missions to help send George and Theesa Tooray and Gabriella Lincoln to North Africa. Gabriella’s mom suggested six years ago that she randomly select a country and pray that they will receive the light of God. She accepted the challenge and chose Maghreb. Unbelievably, Adventist Frontier Mission chose Gabriella to go to this very nation to be a missionary!

Best Denver Concrete responded to a call for help resulting from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Following that we had a devasting earthquake in Mexico. As such, we donated $2,500 to ADRA, which will provide tarps to shelter 100 people. Click here to help these people, too.

Due to lack of nutrition, poor care after childbirth and strenuous working conditions for the women of Nepal, many develop Pelvic Organ Prolapse. This is a painful condition that can lead to infection if not dealt with. Not only do they have to bear the physical pain, but also social isolation as they often become outcasts due to their condition. Global Health Initiatives and Scheer Memorial team up to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse, saving women from abandonment and physical duress. Hear from one recipient. Best Denver Concrete is proud to support this cause by donating $1,950.00. One surgery costs $650 to complete and gives a woman a new lease on life. Find out how you can also support this cause.

I’ve been reading a monthly magazine from AFM, a non-for-profit that sends missionaries around the world to share the good news that we are saved by the grace of Jesus. The magazine allows people who are trying to raise money a chance to share stories and thoughts. The story entitled “Pardon My Over-Reach” caught my attention. This is a family attempting to raise $30,036 so they can head to South East Asia. The individual shared how treating something “unholy” included treating “holy” things as “common” or “ordinary”. He shared his struggles with fund raising and his failure to totally trust God, which he equated to making something “holy” as “unholy”. Similarly, we have committed our company to God and have also been contemplating what God means by asking us to keep certain things or days “holy”. As a result, Best Denver Concrete was moved to contribute to this project’s launch goal. May God bless this money and this beautiful family.

Best Denver Concrete was pleased to make a $1,000 donation to World Vision, a non-for-profit, that is raising money to help enslaved children. More than 115 million children worldwide are subjected to many forms of abuse including child labor and trafficking for commercial sex. You, too, can join this cause by following this link.

Best Denver Concrete was grateful to be able to make a charitable donation to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. This organization raises money for childhood cancer research. You can learn more by clicking this link.



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