Best Denver Concrete installs concrete curb and gutters via slipforming and stationary forms. Slipforming is the most economical when installing high volumes of curves and gutters; whereas, stationary forming is more economical for smaller jobs.


A well designed and installed concrete curb and gutter will effectively channel water to drains, remove the need for side ditches, and enhance the life of the paved road by not allowing the water to go under the surface of the road. The gutter can also act as a safety barrier for vehicles and people.

Options and Requirements:

There are many different types of cross section shapes and different requirements from agency to agency. We will carefully follow and execute the requirements provided by your agency. The American Concrete Pavement Association has also set guidelines that we will follow to ensure your project meets or exceeds codes.

The Process:

Our process begins with preparing the appropriate subgrade. This means leveling and compacting the surface. While compacting we will add moisture to ensure maximum compaction is achieved. If soft soil exists, we will also add a granular base to help prevent settling, tilts, and cracks.

When using stationary forms, the exposed surfaces will be carefully floated and formed as appropriate. Throughout the process, the slump will be constantly controlled and monitored. If the concrete becomes too wet, one will see bulging at the sides. If the concrete is too dry, tearing can occur and/or leave honeycomb areas that will require additional hand finishing.

A slipforming machine can move at a rate of 20 to 25’ per minute with a turning radius of 7 to 14’. The number of people required to run a slipforming machine is the same as the number required to install a curb and gutter via stationary forms. That said, the skillset is different. Sensors set the grade and slope by guiding the automatic paver along the carefully placed stringline.

Once completed, we will install contraction joints sawed in at every 25’ or less.

Achieving Excellence:

Please give us a call so that we can review and bid your next project. We execute each project in a planned and coordinated fashion that ensures the final result mirrors the project requirements.

Forming Concrete is Our Passion

We aim to delight our customers at each and every project we complete. Which at the end of the day, makes us feel good! We are happy to discuss the details of your sidewalk with you. Give us a call or request a quote.

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