Best Denver Concrete installs residential and commercial cement foundations throughout the Denver front range. We typically complete an onsite inspection to assess the project. If it is new construction, we can bid from afar with a detailed set of plans. Regardless of size, our company will carefully plan and execute each cement foundation to ensure all specifications are implemented without exception.

About Cement Foundations:

The foundation is the lowest supporting layer of a structure. There are three main types of cement foundations:

  1. Masonry
  2. Conventional Poured Concrete
  3. Internally insulated poured-in-place concrete pre-cast systems.

The conventional poured cement foundation is our area of expertise. This is a foundation that has been designed by a structural engineer based on the soil test findings and structure type. Our minimum psi mix is 4,000 and it has network of rebar developed throughout the system that is signed off by the structural engineer before the concrete is poured.

Forming a Concrete Foundations:

There are three things that must be carefully attended to when constructing the form boards. The aluminum forms must be firmly secured or braced off, they must be placed in the right spot, and they must be straight. Failing in any of the aforementioned points can result in bulges, crooked walls, or lines. We avoid lines by removing the forms the same day that the foundation is poured.

Concrete Foundation Sub-sets:

Within the conventional poured concrete foundation system are several sub-sets. They are as follows:

  1. Slab on grade
  2. Pier footings or t-shaped
  3. Column foundations

Slab on grade is typically poured monolithically with the footings around the structure. Pier footings are typically used when there is a single roof and no walls and t-shaped come in to play where freezing occurs. As the name suggests, the concrete foundation is the form of a “T” in this case, an upside down “T” where the widest part is below the freezing level. Finally, a column concrete foundation is typically used for a large structure, with a big roof or where the load is mostly in one spot. A large commercial building typically has a column foundation.

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