Heated Driveway / Radiant Snowmelt System

We offer a fully-automated, maintenance-free snow-melting system that has proven to be an exceptional solution for heating driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. Our heating elements are designed to withstand the stress of a heavy vehicle on concrete as well as extreme temperatures. Our heating cables come in pre-spaced mats for easy roll-out and installation. The performance and reliability of our snow-melting system for a heated driveway has made it a favorite among homeowners.

Snow Melting Product Features:

The snow-melt control unit is wall-mounted with features that enable a manual override, allowing one to activate the system to melt snow drifts or ice that has formed due to wind or shade on your driveway. The unit is also controllable via an external signal. The system’s working range is between -4 degrees and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The in-ground sensor detects ground temperature and moisture for automated snow melting. The heated driveway is also triggered to run when snow or ice occurs on the sensor head.

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