Sealing Your Concrete

Concrete is strong and can last for years. However, it’s is not indestructible. The fact is, that elements like weather, chemicals, oil, salt and fertilizer can damage concrete, either by causing cracks or crumbling, or by discoloration. Regular sealing goes a long way in keeping your concrete investment holding up and looking nice for decades.

Usually, the best time to seal concrete is when it has cured. While the type of sealer used are factors in determining when to apply the sealer, 28 days is generally considered a good time to do the job. Some sealers, though, need to be applied as soon as the concrete can bear the weight of the person applying the sealer.

There are different sealers to choose from and they have different outcomes. Some sealers are practically invisible, some add color, some are glossy, others are flat, some protect from the weather like sun, rain, mold, some are good for trafficked areas, some for places where chemicals are used, some are good for watery areas, some sealers are environmentally friendly, some last 1 to 3 years and others last for 10 or more years, some make your concrete slippery and need additives to prevent that, some repel water and salts, others repel oil. Your concrete professional will advise you as to which sealer will meet your needs and wants.

While you may wonder if sealing your concrete is worth the cost, it is important to remember that even doing this several times over the years beats the cost and the trouble of having to demolish your damaged concrete and re-pouring it.

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