Best Denver Concrete builds concrete sidewalks throughout the Denver metro area for residential and commercial applications. We strive to ensure that each sidewalk is safe, functional, and long-lasting. Read 

Many different types, shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes are available for your sidewalk project.



No one says you must do a bare concrete sidewalk, though it’s one good option. We want to give you choices to create a look and feel you love.


Unlike other concrete companies, we use “integral coloring” for our projects. While other companies apply color to the sidewalk's surface, we apply it to the concrete mix. So, the color goes through the slab instead of just sitting on the surface. This way, if an unfortunate chip occurs down the road, you won’t have an apparent mismatched spot. We want your sidewalk to age gracefully!

You may choose to do a color or keep it basic. You can view our base color selections if you decide to include color. In addition, if you opt for a textured surface, you want to select a second “release color.” Combining two colors in the design creates depth and a more realistic look. We suggest going dark for the release color so it contrasts against the base color.


Project Stages

We will outline the options for you so you can make an informed decision. Once we have captured your requirements, we will quickly draw a quote detailing how to finish the project. Best Denver Concrete wants to increase the chances that your sidewalk will serve its intended purpose safely and for the foreseeable future. We strive to thoughtfully plan and execute your project each step of the way.

  1. The process begins with a design that meets your requirements.
  2. Upon acceptance, we will prepare the surface, lay the forms, and strive to adjust the concrete mixture to mirror the requirements set by the current weather conditions.
  3. Once poured, we’ll create control joints, finish the edges, and shape the slab to create a beautiful concrete surface with the perfect slope for water runoff.


Forming Concrete is Our Passion

We aim to delight our customers with every project we complete. We are happy to discuss the details of your sidewalk with you. Feel free to give us a call or ask for a quote.


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