Stamped patios, stamped concrete sidewalks, stamped sitting walls, gas fireplaces, gas fire pits, and stamped concrete curbs are our specialty. Please feel free to call today for our Spring specials that will save you money. You will be pleased with the communication, ideas, attention to detail, and the final stamped patio addition from design to implementation. Best Denver Concrete has consistently added value and enjoyment to homes by carefully planning and executing stamped patio masterpieces. Our process begins with an onsite visit where we capture the requirements that might include the following:

1. Demolition and removal of existing decks, patios, or other structures
2. Movement of existing sprinkler heads, rocks, and other materials.
2. Analysis of the backyard, home, goals, and timeline.
3. We will share unique ideas and best practices to improve your project exponentially.
4. We’ll take measurements and pictures and create a design to send to your inbox.

Once you have received the stamped concrete design and provided your feedback, if you need it, we’ll make further adjustments until the design is perfect. Once the stamped patio estimate is accepted, we will collect a 50% deposit and place you on our schedule. We’ll also give you stamped patio pattern cards and color swatches at that point. Each job requires the customer to select two colors. The first color selection will be the base color mixed into the concrete. The second color is the release or accent color pressed into the grooves and valleys of the stamp. Approximately 30 days after the project is completed, we will return to seal the stamped patio, bringing out the base color and making your stamped patio irresistible.

Throughout the process, we will provide ideas related to the patio design, stamp selection, and color selections. That said, the final decision is yours to make. A stamped patio can be very basic or quite elaborate. Regardless of the size and features, we will strive to provide a lovely and stunning surface that will look amazing and be highly functional for the foreseeable future.

Beyond the stamped concrete basics, could you consider additional stamp patio features? Some of the features might include the following:
1. Wood-burning fire pit
2. Gas fire pit or fireplace
3. Waterfall
3. Sitting wall – Typically 18″ high and 18″ wide where the sides are stamped.
4. Decorative and Stamped Lawn Curve
5. Rounded steps with recessed lighting in the face of each step
6. Stamped concrete sidewalk leading to the front of the home

Could you call us today for a free consultation design? You will quickly realize that we love and know stamped patio design and implementation. Finally, could you be sure to visit our featured stamped patio projects?


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