Concrete Steps with Attitude

Best Denver Concrete loves forming and building concrete stairs that are appealing and exciting. We do this by building the stairs with curves, angles, color, and texture. Often the stair risers are left out when it comes to texture, which doesn’t have to be the case with us. With step forms we can imprint texture on the tread faces, too. Read Our Google Business Reviews

Color Selection

When we color steps, Best Denver Concrete always uses an integral color. An integral color mixes with the entire concrete batch so that it goes through the entire concrete slab. In contrast, other companies apply the color only to the surface. The downside is that the grey underneath might show through if the concrete is ever chipped or damaged.

If choosing a finish or texture, we use two colors— an integral color and a release color. Having two colors on a stone finish, for instance, allows for a more realistic looking “stone” step. We suggest going darker with the release color, as it will create more contrast and dimension. Since the integral color is the main color of the step design, we recommend choosing the hue that appeals to you most.

Finish Selection

There are many different types of architectural finishes to choose from. Once on site, our technician will show you the various options. One of our favorites is the stone-like rock edge. That said, all of the patterns and colors are incredible and worth exploring.

Excellence in Everything We Do

To ensure a beautiful end product, it is critical that each step in building the concrete stairs is completed with excellence. This means:

1 Preparing the ground appropriately

2 Obtaining the proper level of compaction

3 Pouring the concrete in the right conditions and taking the appropriate steps to account for condition changes

4 Performing the final finish at the right time and quickly

We know how to build eye-catching and long-lasting concrete steps. Concrete is an incredible option when done right. Contact us for any questions you may have or request a free quote.

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