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Best Denver Concrete is a concrete patio contractor that specializes in creating all types of concrete patios. We offer basic and economical patios as well as stunning exterior hardscapes known as colored stamped concrete patios. Each patio is designed to perfectly fit your budget. Explore our offerings of textures, colors and styles.

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Stamped Concrete Texture Selection
Click any of the following links to help you identify your favorite stamped concrete texture or keep it simple with just enough texture to make it a non-slip surface.

Color Process
Many patio concrete contractors use a process called “dusting” where the base color pigments are thrown onto the concrete slab surface after it is poured. Best Denver Concrete is a concrete patio contractor that uses a method called “integral coloring.” Integral coloring is superior because pigments are actually mixed into the concrete before it is poured and the color goes all the way through the slab, not just on the surface. Under both methods, one can add two different colors in the mix, a base color and release color, to create a realistic stone-like movement as you can see from the previous section. The base color is mixed into the concrete and is the main color, while the release color acts as an accent color. A release color is added if you are doing a textured look or stamp. The release color is dusted on top and pressed into the concrete with the stamp. The release is then power washed off the next day and remains where the stamp pressed the color into the grooves and valleys of the stamp. We typically suggest that customers choose a medium or dark grey release color regardless of the base color. More importantly, the release color needs to be darker than the base color or you won't see the release color very well.

Color Selection
There is an assortment of patio concrete contractor colors for you to choose from for your patio design.

Shape Selection
The design of your patio is only limited by the amount of space you have and your imagination. As a patio concrete contractor, we can build curves with a nice rounded radius, half-moon steps, benches, and even wood-like bridges. The configuration and design options are almost endless. Or, you can choose a very simple, functional, and economical square patio.

Once the patio concrete contractor design has been formed, we will:

  1. Ensure the ground is compacted well with a very gentle grade to direct water away from existing structures. The proper grade is obtained with the help of a laser when setting forms.
  2. Isolate fixed features and lift a wire mesh to the center of the slab.
  3. Maintain the appropriate mixture (or slump) during the pour, to ensure the concrete does not dry too fast or too slow. The slump will be adjusted based on the current weather conditions so your patio will look beautiful for many years to come.
  4. Touch-up areas after a stamped patio is poured. Our finishers will come in and meticulously touch-up areas where the stamp could not reach or be pressed well enough. It is this detail work that further separates us from the competition.

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We are a patio concrete contractor that is available to educate, share ideas and understand budget constraints. We want to partner with you in creating a surface that will dramatically enhance your home's value and bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Give us a call or  request a quote.

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