Paver Drives Can Last for Centuries

Pavers driveways and patios that are laid correctly will last. There are, in fact, paver roads in Europe that have lasted for centuries. They are beautiful, have much artistic potential and can be made to look antique or new. Stones can be laid in straight rows and lines or in curves. The stones and bricks come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Patio accessories – like fire pits, sitting walls and fountains – can be made to contrast or match your paver patios and drives. Your imagination is the limit.

However, just like concrete, paver driveways or patios can fail or become ugly if not properly prepared. The three ways pavers can start to look junkie are when …

1) Corners of the blocks pop up.
This can be due to too much bedding sand used when the paver was laid. You need only ¾ to 1 inch of sand. If you have too much, the blocks become unstable. It can also be due to poor subsoil or base material or also to insufficient packing of the soil.

2) Stones slide out of place.
This can happen when you either have a bad quality edge restraint, or no edge restraint at all. If it hasn’t gone too far, this can be easily be fixed.

3) Stones shift and look disorganized.
This is due to a loss of joint sand. Joint sand can washout and either needs to be re-poured at intervals or a polymeric sand, which lasts longer and prevents washout, can be used.

When properly installed and cared for, paver drives and walkways will be beautiful and maintain their artistic look for years to come. Use your imagination and artistic sense and dream up a beautiful look for your home. Then why not call a professional to help you realize your dream?

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